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Recent actions you took Criticism Council to motivate Economic growth Weighted as positive by Business and economistsand some qualify them as relevant and timelyOthers warned that these should be gradual and moderate to avoid the risk of devaluation.

he Executive Vice President of the National Council for Special Projects (Conep), César DerghamHe noted that the business sector once again recognizes that monetary policy rate adjustments are correct.

Cesar Dergham. file / ld

“We saw timely measures with expansionary measures during the pandemic to ensure economic activity, and then restrictive measures later to control the waves of inflation,” Dargham told Listín Diario.

economists Juan Ariel Jimenez and Antonio Cierraco CruzThey also expressed their views on the measures announced by the central bank.

Former Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Juan Ariel Jimenez, noted that The monetary easing measures are correct In the face of low economic dynamism and low inflation

however, They indicated that they should be gradual and applied sparinglyTo control the risk of currency devaluation and credit risk creation.

he Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Antonio Ciriaco CruzHe argued that the decision taken by the Central Bank to reduce its monetary policy rate from 8.5% to 8.0%, i.e. 50 basis points, and to allocate R$94,000 million to productive sectors and households, is a very necessary and appropriate decision.

Antonio Ciiraco Cruz.

He said, “The current situation in which economic activity takes place is characterized by downward inflation and a slowdown in the economy, and this gives Room for monetary authorities to implement expansionary policies With the aim of improving the outlook for economic growth in the event of lowering inflation.

Ciriaco Cruz indicated that both monetary stimulus and policy rate cuts would have a Positive impact on domestic demandin consumption and private investment.

Adding that Stimulus measures for households and productive sectors will lead to a change in direction towards growth targets Converging with economic growth in the range of 4% to 4.5% by the end of 2023.

“With these measures, the performance of the Dominican economy during the second half will lead to an acceleration of economic activity, ensuring growth and employment goals,” said the economist and academic.

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