Business Class Podcast, new space for SMEs

Business Class Podcast presents tips and information of interest to Small and Medium Businesses from experts and entrepreneurs who provide practical insight.

Business Class Trends and Insights, American Express presents The Business Class Podcast, with a first season of 4 episodes, where experts and leaders of important companies exchanged opinions and recommendations for the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises

The content of the episodes is based on current information needs:

  • What are deductions? The experts share recommendations and experiences around the payment of corporate taxes and best practices for the payment and deduction of tax contributions.
Working capital:
  • What is working capital and what role does it play in the financial health of companies? Participants delve into the management of working capital as a fundamental factor for the operation of a company.
  • What have been the triggers of digitization for SMEs? About the factors that have accelerated the digitization of SMEs, support solutions and outsourcing of services.
Business insurance:
  • What is the value of business insurance? A look at the services offered by insurance companies to small and medium-sized companies, and a reflection on the real value of this type of coverage.

The first two episodes of the Business Class Podcast are available for free through different sites such as Spotify, Google Podcast and on the Business Class Trends & Insights platform. The second installment will be on March 16, 2021 on the same channels.

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