Burger King is also closing establishments in the United States

Burger King will be one of the fast food chains to join the wave of store closures in the United States. This is a phenomenon that increasingly includes companies of this type.

In the case of Burger King, it was announced that it would close 26 of its US locations. The shutdown will begin in April and will affect approximately 400 employees.

But that doesn’t mean the lockdowns haven’t already happened. For example, in Detroit, one of the hardest hit areas, they started on March 17th.

This was the case for a Texas-based franchise that had more than two dozen Burger King locations in the Detroit metropolitan area. In this sense, they are permanently halting their operations in the region.

The franchise, which owns the restaurants, provided various information to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity on March 22. It was about the layoffs that would remain as a result of the closure of all 26 Burger King restaurants.

They confirmed that this was due to “unforeseen commercial circumstances” and the impossibility of reaching an agreement with Burger King. Al-Imtiaz stated this to the press when asked about the reasons for the closure.

What areas will be affected?

Affected areas are: Dearborn Heights, Detroit, Echorus, Ferndale, Flint, Highland Park, Livonia, Royal Oak, Southfield, Walid Lake, Warren and Lake Whitmore. However, it closed between March 17th and April 15th, according to an official transcript from the franchise.

But Burger King isn’t the only business that has seen the need to close stores in the US. There are also examples from recent weeks, where Walmart has announced the closure of many of its stores in the country. On their side, there are other well-known brands such as Walgreens and CVS.

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