Buckell promotes pension reform and criticizes the opposition

President Bukeley said it would take two more weeks to present the reform plan in the legislature, as it would take into account the inputs of the labor sector.

According to Arena and FMLN representatives, President Naib Bukhale’s meeting with some trade unions shows that the president is “improving” the expectations of the people regarding pension reforms.

On September 15, after a massive march against him, the president commemorated his independence by announcing a plan to reform the pension system within 30 days.

“The delay in delivering the plan is part of the development, which has categorized the government throughout its management. As part of the development, he creates news on social networks without technical or financial support, ”said Portillo Quadra.

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But opposition representatives not only worry, but also consider that Boukel did not follow the proper process of law-making and did not take into account the full range of views that would arise in a discussion about thousands of citizens.

“I hope this bill is not discussed with the trade unionists who are leaning towards the ruling party, because when it is discussed with people who agree with my intentions and my sentiments, objectivity is lost,” FMLN MP Marlene Funes said.

He said it would take two more weeks to bring the pension reform plan to the legislature after a video posted by Bukeley on his Twitter account because he wanted to hear more contributions from the labor sector. .

At the meeting, it was made public by the government until this Thursday, but according to tweets released by various trade unions that it took place on October 7; Many union representatives are observed; However, Portillo Cuadra and Funes not only represent the working class, but also question the objectivity of the unions in the face of the potential for bending over the ruling party.

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The debate should be in the legislature, the deputy says

In addition, Portillo Quadra said that according to the legislative process, the deliberative discussions of an initial draft were taken from the legislature, not from the executive branch.

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“You can consult with national and international organizations to propose a bill and do all the procedures, but this type of consultation is not part of the legal process, which was created by a special commission in the legislature or already in place,” explained Deputy Sandbox.

According to Portillo Quadra, an ad hoc commission could be formed, in fact, where the latest reforms for pensions from the last legislature came from, whose mandate has not yet been repealed. Or the Finance Commission responsible for the debate, but at the moment it is responsible for analyzing the 2022 budget plan.

In that case, unions representing workers, think tanks, civil society organizations, universities, employers, NGOs and international organizations should be included. The views of technology and citizens, in addition to international recognition, said Portillo Quadra.

In a video posted by Bukele on his Twitter account, union representatives said they supported Bukele’s initiative and the lawyer, one of them, for the “nationalization” of pensions.

Tax reform, not pensions

This crucial point, the dangerous thing Arena sees, for example, is that the reforms do not include improving the pensions of Salvadorans, but funding to cover the government’s financial gaps facing more debt. It has fallen. And the uncertainty that the IMF agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will not be fulfilled is what Porto Quadra argued was “the worst mistake.”

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For FMLN, the nationalization of pensions is not a scary thing. According to Funes, an option his party had seen before while in government, but they did not have enough votes to implement it, but this time they say they are waiting to see carefully what the government’s proposal is to support the possible nationalization of pensions.

According to Funce, in addition to the mixed pension system they implemented in previous years, the government managed one percent of the pension fund and another area with the AFPs, there is another plan they could consider nationalizing pensions, and always when it benefits the people and the government does not want to have the money to solve its monetary problems.

“We are going to read the government’s proposal because the ruling party says one thing in the speech, but in practice it does it differently. I can not follow what the ruling party says because he is a liar. I have to look at that document,” Funes said.

However, according to Portillo Cuadra, the Salvadorans need to improve their pensions, for which they need to carry out quantitative and financial studies to guarantee that pensions will be a relief to those who have already retired and are already retired. They are going to do it, but he regrets that it is not Bugel’s interest.

“The best for the country is to adjust the nature of a parameter, to analyze the credibility of the investment that the government gives to the workers who contribute to the amount of debt we owe. The investment portfolio will be open.

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