Bruce Willis' daughter shared an emotional story with her granddaughter about the actor and details about his current health condition.

Bruce Willis, diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, retired from acting in 2022 due to the disease. (Credits: Instagram/@rumerwillis)

American actress Rumor Willis -Eldest daughter of an intermarriage Bruce Willis And Demi Moore– Talked about Bruce's relationship with his father (after his diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis) Granddaughter LutaThe 13-month-old has won the hearts of all her Instagram followers thanks to a touching photo of Rumer, Bruce and the baby posing.

In an interview on the show TodayThe actor's daughter shared the details with the host Hoda Kotb How his father copes with this new phase and his role as a grandfather.

Rumer expressed her joy at seeing her father bond with his granddaughter Luta. “That's pretty cool. In fact, I saw it before I even came to New York,” Rumer told Kotb. Luetta, who had just started walking, approached her grandfather for the first time unaided.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's eldest daughter Rumer Willis has shared emotional details about her father's relationship with granddaughter Louetta. (Credits: Instagram/rumerwillis)

Rumer described the moment as “very sweet” because it made him think about what his own father had to do for the rest of his life. “He's a father to girls, mainly. “I watched it with my sisters, my little sisters,” Willis' daughter shared. “So you see it all come back,” Kotb interjected as Rumer nodded.

As Nakshatra's daughter explains Hard to kill (One Forest of Crystals), Bruce was a patriarch without sons. He has his eldest daughter with his ex-wife Demi Moore – who recently received a standing ovation at Cannes – Rumor and his sisters Scout And Tallulah. Also, he is the father Mabel And EvelynHe brought into the world with his current wife Emma Heming Willis.

Bruce Willis' granddaughter Louetta recently started walking, and Rumer excitedly shared her first independent encounter with her grandfather. (Credits: Instagram/@rumerwillis)

Rumer said of Bruce and Demi's relationship as grandparents: “I saw them with her [Louetta] It almost opens up these childhood memories. Because I think being a grandfather is great. want All love and joy without any responsibility. They can only agree to it.

Rumer Willis revealed that watching her parents, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, interact with Louetta brought back memories of her own childhood. (Credits: Instagram/@rumerwillis)

In an earlier interview with PeopleThe actress expressed her apprehension about showing the film to her daughter Mona Because of the ads on Instagram screen time. “Just 10 minutes of television shrinks the gray In their brains,” he explained. That's why he reacted with surprise when his mother acted in the film. “But I think it looks good on Grandma,” he commented.

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Although she still hasn't decided which picture of her parents to show Luita when she's older, she's excited at the thought of starting to walk. “I know the walk will be crazy, but I can't wait because she's such an active girl,” he said. Mom proudly said that she dreams of taking her to the beach and running on the grass.

Bruce Willis' family have limited information on his health, but they assure him that a return to Hollywood is unlikely (Credit: Instagram/@rumerwillis)

The actor, who announced his retirement in 2022, was the first to reveal it Suffered from aphasia. Later, it was clarified that the situation was real Foreskin narrowingA disease affecting the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, it affects Personality, Language and Behavior In a significant way. Thus he retired from acting.

Since then, little information has been shared about his evolution, but his loved ones have assured him that his return to the big screen is unlikely. Willis' family is responsible for some of the photos of Bruce's ex-wife Demi Moore, who posted pictures on social media to mark his 69th birthday and moved his followers.

Tallulah Willis declared her father healthy despite his illness (Credits: Instagram/Tallulah Willis)

Although the disease has affected his ability to communicate, Bruce Willis remains in good physical condition. Earlier this year, he was seen by reporters as a passenger in a car, looking remarkably well. This public appearance has given a glimmer of hope to his followers who continue to show him unconditional support and affection.

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