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After 13 years as his daughter’s legal guardian, He eventually resigned. This news did not make the singer happy Rather it was celebrated by his millions of followers around the world. Since the teaching position is vacant, the public wonders who will be in charge; If you want to know all the details, read on.

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As you may remember, Jamie managed everything related Financial, legal, personal and work matters Of the translator , Unable to decide for himself his daughter; One that has been heavily criticized for many years and fortunately is already over.

Shared by the media The American star’s predecessor has decided to step down following a series of attacks by members of the movement.Free BritneyAfter the singer’s statements Supreme Court In Angels, Weeks ago.

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Jamie and Britney Spears waged a legal battle that took years for the singer to regain her protection (Photo: AFP)

What will happen to Britney Darts?

With this success, Britney’s lawyer, Matthew RosencordYou happily shared Jamie’s voluntary decision to leave the Defender; However, he is interested in the fact that he does not accept that his work is ‘negligent’ in the face of the artist’s tradition.

“We are pleased that Mr. Spears and his lawyer have finally agreed to remove him from office, but that should not necessarily come as a surprise. However, we are disappointed by her shameful and reprehensible attacks on Ms Spears and others., Announced Rosengart.

Now the following is that both sides can work hand in hand with the relevant authorities to reach a compromise.

Britney Spears attends trial this month to demand her release (photo: AFP)
Britney Spears attends trial this month to demand her release (photo: AFP)

Who is your new Guardian?

Formerly of Justin Timberlake He expressed his desire to be a trusted expert and a certified public accountant, Jason RubinThe taker of his guard.

According to documents submitted to the court, it belongs to the “Princess of Pop” $ 2.7 million in cash, $ 54.7 million in non-cash assets, Adding a net worth of about $ 57.4 million.

Court awaits official announcement (Photo: AFP)
Court awaits official announcement (Photo: AFP)

Rosenkard legally asked that Jason be given powers to run the singer’s business; As well as making investments for her and gaining a power. Therefore, The court is waiting for the official announcement.

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