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He told the Mail on Sunday that he would ask British Culture Minister Oliver Dowd to refer to it as a fiction before the episodes of the Netflix “The Crown” series.

“It’s fantastic fiction, and like other products, Netflix has to have a clear discourse from the beginning, to say the least,” he said.

The minister fears that “a generation of viewers who do not enjoy the events will believe the facts,” and wants the streaming company to do so. If there was a warning before a few episodes, it would be to warn the public that there are scenes in them about the disorderly bulimia that Princess Diana suffered from.

Earlier seasons were at the beginning of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, which did not cause such problems. In Season 3 only, the screenplay suggested that Sovereignty had a relationship with its racing coach, Lord Porchester. An episode that is considered “very bad taste” by Tiki Orbiter, the Queen’s former press secretary.

The convent’s defenders are currently apprehensive about the film the series will present, especially about the Queen’s heir, Prince Charles.

Even Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer seems to agree with the minister’s request: “At the beginning of each chapter the crown will help to indicate that it is based on real facts.”

“Prince Charles is one of the characters who inspires both sympathy and criticism, which usually promotes monarchy,” Peter Morgan told The New York Times.

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Peter Morgan, the creator of the series, when asked about some of the liberties that allowed him fiction on November 18, said he accepted these conclusions as long as they were in line with the facts.

“The royal family did not agree with the content of the series, did not ask what topics were being addressed, and had no view on the credibility of the story,” said Donal McCabe, who was in charge of communications from the Queen. , Quoted by The Guardian.

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