Bringing children closer to science changes life expectations

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SAN LUIS POTOSÍ, SLP. , January 21, 2023. – Dr. Carmen Del Pilar Suarez Rodriguez, Professor of Research at the Academic Coordination of the UASLP’s South Huasteca Region (CARHS), spoke in an interview nearly three decades ago. Working in the field of scientific publishing, and implementing various experiences, as they noticed that young people are motivated by living sciences, by working on experiments, in activities, and identifying problems and solutions.

He pointed out the importance of rapprochement with people who work in science and achieve achievements. He considered the workshops and scientific competitions a great experience and motivation for young people, by determining the extent to which they can go and, above all, that they see themselves as creative entities of the technology of the future, criteria in which in this case there is no trace. Frontiers, where knowledge can be used to change people’s lifestyle.

“When we engage with children and young people who live, create projects and solve problems, we realize that science is useful, not so much reflected in textbooks or in the programs of other types of societies, but at our fingertips and that changes the way we think and the way we want to build the world that surrounds us.” “.

Suárez Rodríguez asserted that science is very useful and sisterhood to people, men and women expose themselves to this kind of situation, and that is how dreams begin to emerge. He said that the initiatives of science and technology weeks or fairs, competitions, and the various resources available are a good way to motivate aspirants to enter higher education to be interested in scientific careers.

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The scientific publisher insisted on starting with this advocacy from basic education, “We have experience working with pre-school children where they actually put together their projects, and from there the curiosity that is later lost is implanted in the educational system; we must maintain publishing activities in a clear way between the different systems And to change the views we have about the usefulness and usefulness of science.”

Pilar Suarez, Ph.D. with other initiatives. He added that there is a lot to be done, from the beginning, the actions of the formal education system, and above all, working hand in hand to create joint publishing programs between institutions and governments, and this will help to make rapid progress in training young people who are interested in science, but above all Something citizens who use science in their decision making on a daily basis.

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