Brian Moya’s strong message after controversial photo buying of Pierre and Pedro Troglio


A footballer’s life is always exposed to any kind of signals, good or bad. And now everything moves instantly on social networks.

TO Brian MoyaPlayer OlympiaThey leaked a photo of him carrying a shop Beers. Something that outraged a certain section of football fans.

yes indeed, Moya Wasn’t quiet and sent a powerful message Twitter After the controversy that arose in his environment.

The footballer was clear and assured that his “Expertise as a player is not a reason to question” And this isn’t going to affect Olympia, whose intentions are clear.

“I have no problem with a photo circulating on social media, even if it is not a current photo. My professionalism as a player is not a reason to question on the part of coaching staff, managers and lesser players. We’re good and we’ll keep it up,” Moya wrote.

Pedro Troglio supports Brian Moya and defends his image with beers from critics.

Brian He passed the word with other users and revealed when the picture came out. This photo was taken a few days later Olympia He was crowned the champion Will open in 2022 of National League.

Pedro Troglio supports his hero

The trainer Olympia, Peter TroglioVin came out for protection Brian Moya After the criticism that came to his director on social networks.

“Calm down Brian dear, we all know who you are. They are barking at Sancho…” the Argentine coach wanted to end the controversy.

Moya He’s not past his prime with Olimpia, and the attacker has scored just one goal so far this season 2023 ends And he hopes to break out in the league.

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