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Why is Pele considered one of the greatest footballers in history?

Why is Pele considered one of the greatest footballers in history?

  • The Brazilian footballer, now 82 years old, played in four World Cups, of which he won three (in 1958, 1962, 1970).
  • Pele scored 12 goals in 14 matches at those World Cups
  • Additionally, he converted 1,281 goals in 1,363 games during his professional career


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Famous Pele in Celebrities: His Life in Films

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What do we know about Pele’s health?

By Reuters

Pele’s family has been with him at his hospital bed for the past few days.

Here’s what we know about the Brazilian soccer star’s health:

  • Pele, 82, has been receiving treatment at Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital since late November.
  • Doctors said this week that Pele’s cancer has progressed and he needs treatment for kidney and heart failure.
  • Pele has received regular medical treatment since a tumor was removed from his colon in September last year.

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“One more night with him,” Pele’s daughter thanks the hospital staff

Pele’s daughter Kelly Nascimento shared with her instagram account A family photo inside the Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital in São Paulo. He accompanied the image with a message thanking the company’s employees: “Even in sadness, we must be grateful. Thank you for being together, thank you for all your love, thank you for being here with him now,” and wished him a Merry Christmas.

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“One more night with him,” he said.

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Brazilian artist painted a mural of Pele

By Jose Manuel Rodriguez

Brazilian artist’s tribute to Pele 0:42

Brazilian artist Cobra paid tribute to the 82-year-old icon, who is hospitalized in Sao Paulo.

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Pele’s son visits his father in the hospital

By Maija Ehlinger

Pele’s son and soccer coach Edson Solpi do Nascimento, commonly known as Edinho, arrived at the Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital in São Paulo this Saturday, according to an Instagram post by his sister, Kelly Nascimento.

Nascimento posted a photo with his brother and other family members from inside the hospital where his father and soccer legend has been since late November, captioning it, “I will not leave, no one will take me from here.”

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Pele backs Lionel Messi and Argentina in Qatar 2022 semi-finals

Pele supported Messi in the World Cup semi-final in Qatar 0:36

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Pele’s daughter shared a touching photo with her father

Marcia Reverdosa, Maija Ehlinger, Heather Chen

Daughter of Brazilian football legend Pele He took to Instagram late Friday to post a moving tribute and photo of his father at the Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital in São Paulo.

In this photo shared by Kely Nascimento on Instagram on December 23, Pele’s family can be seen supporting her in the hospital. Kelly Nascimento/Instagram

“We’re still here, fighting and hoping. One more night together,” wrote Kelly Nascimento.

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Her words were accompanied by a photo of her hugging her father as he lay in a hospital bed. Pele’s granddaughter Sophia can also be seen in the photo.

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Pele has been hospitalized since November 29

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, “O Rei”, has been hospitalized since November 29 at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Israel for treatment of a respiratory infection and re-evaluation of chemotherapy treatment following a colon tumor.

Pele “presents progression of cancer disease and needs more care related to renal and cardiac dysfunctions,” the hospital said.

“The patient is still in the hospital in a common room under the necessary care of the medical team,” experts at the medical center said this week.

Pele’s Colorectal Cancer Treatments

On September 6, 2021, Pele announced on their social media who performed the surgery Remove a lump From his colon two days ago. On September 30, he was discharged from the São Paulo hospital where he underwent surgery.

Doctors diagnosed his cancer after detecting abnormalities in his colon during a routine exam, he said. Hence Reuters. At that time, it was announced that the former player would have to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

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