Brazil vs Ecuador (2-0) CONMEBOL Qualification; Dull scratch

Brazil /

The Choice of Brazil More than a leader Playoffs From Conmepol Course Qatar 2022, Added their fifth win of the season, falling 2-0 Ecuador, A closed fight and goalkeeper Competitor, Alexander Tomanjuez Collaborated for success Kanarinha.

Brazil Missing the right step, the Ecuadorian people sometimes complicated them until the error came in the second half Domingues It opened Road leading to campus from 3 points.

Ecuador For its part, it is one-third Conmepol 9 points and 2 units above Paraguay.

Ann Porto Alegre, Brazil He started to attack and the first warning came in the 21st minute. Neymar threw the center he did not reach Richardson.

Before the break, கபிகோல் Scored in a play with Neymar Y DaniloHowever, the attacker was in front.

In the second part, Ayrton Presido Kick it into a corner, and the player Santos Laguna He left Dive at 58.

Richardson Surprisingly left foot shot into that area opened the score at 65 ‘ Domingues Finished 1-0 on a nearby post and on the ball nets.

Domingues Saved Ecuador When handling a head at 73 ‘ கபிகோல் At his foot and 75 ‘, the same forward lost another goal at the center of Gabriel Jesus.

At 89 ‘, he scored a penalty in favor Brazil For a shortage Rated It was reviewed Where.

Neymar He picked up the ball at 90 ‘, which seemed like a second, and he stopped it Domingues; The collection had to be repeated as the Ecuadorian goalkeeper went ahead in shot time, advancing to the final 2-0 without missing a second chance.

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