Brazil and Neymar beat Peru to reach Copa America final; Defending the title against Argentina or Colombia – ten

Brazil qualified for the Copa America-2021 final with a first-round victory over Peru 1-0 in Rio de Janeiro on Monday.

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The host and current champion knows how to defend Lucas Buckett’s goal in the 35th minute after Neymar’s carefree personal move to secure the first ticket to the final of the world’s oldest national team playing in legends. Maracana July 10.

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Despite Peru trembling in the second half, demanding Ederson, ‘Kanarinha”s defensive determination prevailed over some fighting Incas, but felt the absence of the allowed Andre Carrillo.

Brazil claimed a win again against the Peruvians, who won 4-0 in the group stage and 3-1 in the Copa America-2019 final, and also played at the South American Temple.

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The eyes of the powerful ‘Selenao’ are now focused on the battle between Argentina and Colombia, which clashes in Brasilia on Tuesday. In the new edition of the World Classic, Lionel Messi will fight for the trophy with his friend Neymar.

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The Brazilian coach’s throat was cleared, and after the first half was over, thanks to a man known as a firefighter.

Bucketti’s left foot was important to beat the gigantic Kallis, although Bolt’s safety codes were provided by Neymar in a personal paint play.

Central Christian Ramos’ bad pass filtered a ball past Richardson. The PSG player tricked two guards in the area into inserting a hose and assisting on the Olympic de Lyon wheel.

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So yeah, Tite exploded it. After the win against Chile in the quarterfinals, Buckway scored his second consecutive goal.

Although Kareka decided to go out with five defenders due to the absence of the allowed Andre Carrillo, the defensive mistakes in Peru were again decisive.

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