Bonfilo was a Cuban who heard “Zama” on the streets of Havana

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Activists on Facebook denounced Bonfilo, a Cuban who became popular on social media a few years ago for videos of him chanting “Jama” and sleeping sick on the streets of Havana.

Activist Yamilka Lafita posted pictures of the man sleeping outside Carmelo in El Vedado, and recalled “Banfilo, a drunkard who was very critical of the government.”

“He seems to be very sick already. He is out of Carmel and if anyone is going to help him, I have clothes and shoes that I can donate to him,” she commented in her release.

Post by Laura Grafs. Facebook

A different character Made famous by a video Since 2009, he has said that people in Cuba need “Jama” and then reappeared on the Internet to say that the country is worse than ever, and that hunger and strife are at their peak.

That day a friendly and ironic drunkard interrupts a recording of reggaeton so that the world will find out what “Jama” is needed in Cuba. Juan Carlos Gonzalez, his name is, He immediately became known as P├ínfilo and for a few months he was the most popular Cuban on social networks.

Now there is no hash“, he complained, referring to his first video in 2021, which contained only “old hash”.

“I’m telling you, the picture here, December 2021, is the greatest hunger,” he said, pointing to his open mouth with his hand and making his characteristic gesture. “Jamaaaaaah. Here we are on fire, Asariri. We’re horribly hungry and in line. I can’t take a chicken packet.”

Its history shows that the permanent crisis in Cuba worsened. Now in 2023, the man is homeless, like thousands of people begging in the midst of scarcity and hyperinflation.

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