Bolsanaro develops in hospital: they removed the nasocastric tube

(CNN) – The Vila Nova Star Hospital in S பாo Paulo, which has been admitted to Brazilian President Jair Bolzano Hospital, said this Tuesday. Intestinal obstruction He “dissolved” without any signs of surgery.

A few hours later, the center announced that Polsano was “well-adapted to the liquid diet of the day,” for which the nasogastric tube was removed.

“The patient’s digestive tract shows signs of healing. At this time, there is no eviction forecast ”, closes the note.

The hospital had previously reported that the president had taken a “short walk” down the hall and that he had no fever or abdominal pain. He added that there was no definitive assessment of whether the president needed surgery.

(Credit: Twitter Jair Bolzano)

Bolsanaro’s health

President Bolzano Was admitted to the hospital Due to intestinal obstruction this Monday morning.

According to the Vila Nova Star Hospital in Sao Paulo, Bolzano is suffering from “intestinal obstruction”. This is the most recent medical issue related to the 2018 incident where Bolzano was stabbed during the election campaign.

Bolzano Put up a tweet In it he explained that he was starting to feel bad “after lunch on Sunday” and arrived at the hospital at 3:00 a.m. this Monday. “I got a nasogastric tube. Additional tests will be done for possible surgery for an internal obstruction in the abdomen,” he wrote.

Bolzano was already hospitalized in July 2021, when doctor Antonio Luis Macito discovered a bowel obstruction. Macedo is the man who operated on Bolzano after he was stabbed in 2018. The president underwent surgery in January 2019 to remove the bag colostomy inserted after the puncture.

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“This is the second hospital admission with the same symptoms, the result of the stabbing (September 6, 2018) and four major surgeries,” Bolzano wrote in a second tweet.

– Taylor Barnes and Jack Guy from CNN in Atlanta and Marcos Moreno from CNNE in Rio de Janeiro.

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