‘Bolillo’ Gómez: ‘When I arrived in Honduras I was told that the margin of error was very low and that we were out of the World Cup today’ – Ten

Coach of the Honduran national team, Hernan “Polillo” GomesHe said he liked Picolor’s activity a lot, but regretted that they had been making specific mistakes for a long time. After falling 1-2 in San Jose, he had already thrown the piece Costa Rica That he did not apologize when given the opportunity.

Colombian says it has signed the agreement until 2026 and is now meeting with its leaders Fenafood In order to create a program. This will continue to provide an opportunity for experienced and young players to integrate their plans for another World Cup.

See. This is a status diagram of the Concacaf octogonal

We are not worth losing: “The game played by Honduras is good, important, oppression, oppression, well done and played very hard in aerial play. Part of the game, but Honduras game is advanced.

How did you define San Jose night?: “Working, expanding and properly we did it well. In the aerial game we could not have distractions and difficulties, we could not control to get results. We did not make changes because someone made a mistake in the process, but they spent, we tried to refresh the team. Honduras football is very good , Now it is going through tough times but it was a better game than in the past.

What’s next for Honduras: “When I came to Honduras I thought the error limit was low and we were out of the World Cup. I explained to the managers that I needed a long process. We have to keep working, today we suppressed the rivalry and scored three goals in two games, but today we had to finish the game and we did not. “

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Upcoming changes: “We learned more. Today the players have shown things that give us hope for the future. Changes still need to be thought about, they should be, but we need to continue to work.”

Plans for the 2026 World Cup: “You have to look for friendly matches because football continues, gold trophies are coming, and you have to build a good championship because you have to constantly give work to this Honduran national team.”

Close the tie respectfully: “We’ll see what’s coming. There are players with a career to help train young people, but we’re going to face the rest of the tie responsibly.”

Reactions of other players

Brian Acosta, One of those who played a great game with tears said: “I feel helpless, today we are still deserving. We thought we would be happy, we got everything, we got another bitter drink at the end of the game. We are not talking,” Acosta said.

Another speaker, Romell Quioto: “I do not know what this national team will pay, I do not know what Honduras will pay. It is not possible that we will lose them in the last minutes in all the matches of this tie; we will not defend. Well, we did not notice in the last minutes … The matches are not 90 minutes, they are 95 Or 100, but it’s over, just think about what’s coming.

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