Bogdan Orisko wrote to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and invited him to Romania

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Bogdan Orisco sent a congratulatory message to his US counterpart, Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken, on the occasion of his formal assumption of the mandate, after it was confirmed by the US Congress. The head of diplomacy in Bucharest also spoke of strengthening security in the Black Sea region.

Bogdan Orisco stressed Romania’s decision to further deepen the strategic partnership with the United States of America, which is an essential component of Romania’s foreign and security policy. At the same time, he indicated that the celebration of 2021 is ten years since the signing Joint declaration on the strategic partnership for the twenty-first century between Romania and the United States of America Since entry into force Agreement on the location of the US missile defense system in Romania It represents “an additional opportunity to intensify and deepen the bilateral dialogue, building on shared values ​​and achievements to date, including as part of a joint effort to enhance transatlantic strategic flexibility and cooperation in managing major global challenges,” according to a State Department press release.

The head of the Romanian diplomacy emphasized that Romania remains a reliable ally and close friend of the United States of America, and expressed his conviction that during the term of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Romania and the United States will continue to coordinate closely and ensure security and prosperity. Its citizens, will enhance regional stability, including the Black Sea region.

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An invitation to Romania

Bogdan Oresco expressed his confidence that the field of defense and security will remain at the level of excellence, being one of the most important components of the strategic partnership. At the same time, Minister Bogdan Oresco called for the strengthening of the US military presence in Romania, which is essential for the development of a reliable and durable deterrent in the Black Sea region, an area of ​​strategic importance for transatlantic security. He also stressed that Romania seeks as a priority to achieve sustainable development of economic cooperation with the United States, and the increased strategic economic commitment of the United States in the region and in our country will have a great geopolitical impact.

At the same time, the Romanian Minister emphasized that Romania, as a friendly and ally country, is committed, together with the United States, to the promotion of democratic resilience and the transatlantic values ​​that the two countries share.

Bogdan Orisco invited the US Secretary of State to visit Romania, highlighting at the same time the priority that Romania attaches to organizing a new session of the strategic dialogue between Romania and the United States in the coming period, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well. States.

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