Bofo Bautista rails against America and its ‘paid’ commentators

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The America Club He equaled his best hitting streak this Tuesday, Spinning his eighth win By imposing on Saint Louis (3-0) However, this is not exempt At the center of the controversy is Azulcremas And raise all sorts of ideas.

And this time, Adolfo “Bofo” Bautista took to his social networks for Point out the alleged arbitration assistance For the Americans during the fight against the Potosinos.

The Former Chivas player He questioned the target Diego Valdez Considered good, then It is formed with an accusative Chilean football player.

Not only that, this time the Boffo Baptist The referee not only questioned the issue, but went further Your bitter post And it was TUDN addressed the commentators.

I already told you, another gift for Willows. And the sad thing is that well-paid commentators have to defend And speak well of Willows,” he wrote Baptist in your account TwitterSharing another release from the ex-whistleblower, Philip Ramos RizoWhere Diego Valdes points out that the goal shouldn’t count to him America.

This is not the first time

Last weekend, the Boffo Baptist It was also felt in social networks, in the same way An alleged umpire pointed to the assist in favor of Blue creamsAfter Alejandro Zendejas was not ejected For a strong entrance Guido RodriguezIn this fight America won against Tigers.

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