Bocho is blasted! Controversial news from Miguel Ponce about Canelo Angu’s departure from Chivas

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The former Guadalajara player has shown his dissent and issued a controversial warning after Canelo del Rebano’s exit.

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Integration of Víctor Guzman has been well received by the majority of Chivas fans Rojiblancos; However, many people agree with it It was a bad decision for Jesus Angulo to come out of the lap By a team led by Fernando Hierro including Miguel Ponce.

The Little He is a defender of the Guadalajara shirt From basic forces, debuting on the maximum circuit in 2010, Guadalajara became the promise of the company. The Rojiblanca company failed to take off as expectedHe was the target of constant criticism during the final stages of his stay on the lap.

UThe last results of the Rojiblanca group led by Ricardo Pelez This was not to renew his contract, and they released him to pursue his profession; However, he confirmed his departure several weeks laterPonce was unable to commit himself to any club in the Mx league or abroad.

now, After the announcement of the departure of Jesus Angel from GuadalajaraBocho reappeared on social networks and now dedicated a message to the new Lyon player, where he issued a warning to the Rojiblanco team: “They miss my Canelo. break it”Guadalajara drew constant criticism from fans.

When will Chivas debut in Clausura 2023?

After his participation in the Sky Cup, Guadalajara will be fully focused on its presentation in Clausura 2023 On January 7, 2023 when they face Rayados at the Gigante de Acero stadium. Monterrey at 9:10 PM Central Mexico Time.

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