Bocho Guzmán and Pollo Priseno had a little change after halftime of the game.

The fight between Chivas and Cruz Asu came to a heated conclusionHe, as tempers flared between the two teammates, even among the Rojiblancos. Victor Guzman and Antonio BrisenoAfter the final whistle, they had a little skirmish that didn’t go too far at Akron Stadium.

He Bocho Guzman he asked Briseno chicken Stay on the field to celebrate with his teammates, but the defender was escorted to the locker room by a member of Serbian Veljko Paunovic’s coaching staff.

Later, Bauno himself confirmed what happened A little friction between his own players was no big deal.

“First, Bocho does what he’s supposed to do, a captain wants the whole team to come out to congratulate the public after a great win. Then there’s a misunderstanding, because Coaching staff have a duty to pay attention to what is happening. Had a bite with the chicken, so we asked him to go in (out).

It was a misunderstanding, nothing more, everyone hugging and celebrating in the locker room, as it should be; Again: this is an amazing group. The objective, as I said, is 31 points; Saturn has 34. This is how humility and humbleness are achieved. People are going to start working tomorrow, which is going to be an important week for this group.”

During the competition, Briseno had issues with several Cruz Azul playersAmong them was Uriel Antuna, so the Chivas coaching staff didn’t want a big problem.

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