Blue Cross Vs. America; Score, summary and goals: Los Aguilas won a tense match at Azteca

A classic that has it all. Nine patches, one dismissal, five goals and a lot of friction Between the soldiers of Cruz Azul and the United States. However, the balance tilted in favor of the Eagles who held the three visitors points.

At the Azteca Stadium, rain soaked half the party, but it was quickly put to rest by a goal. Julian Quinones at 4 min. Despite this, the people of the area were not intimidated Left footed shot by Carlos Rodonti. When the angels were many, Carlos Rodríguez pushes Richard Sánchez, and the discharge is complete. This red activated America and Two big goals on the brink of the break (Sanchez and Bryan Rodriguez).They had the Asulgremas with an advantage.

The second part seemed to be processed, but Uriel Antuna made a personal save And the locals tended to look to attack, but they couldn’t define despite chances to finish the three points in the bag for the United States who stay with the Young Classic again.

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How was America vs. Blue Cross? Final score

Equipment 1D 2D Final
Blue Cross 1 1 2
America 3 0 3


  • AME – J. Quinones – at least 4
  • CRU – C. rotondi – minimum 23
  • AME – R. Sánchez – Min 45+4
  • AME – B. Rodríguez – Min 45+7
  • CRU – U. Antuna – Minimum 80


  • CRU – C. Rodríguez – Minimum 36

Summary and goals of Cruz Azul vs. USA:

Min 90+7. Complete the match! USA won in a thrilling game at Azteca.

Min 90+6. Rivero’s center dominates the Malacón in the background.

90 min. The referee adds six units while the principal instructs Zendejas and Dita.

Minute 86. Despite being one short, the goal encouraged Cruz Azul to see out the tie at all costs. Jury, in the end, ended up not winning.

Minute 82. Yellow card for Cáceres.

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Minute 80. Cruz Azul’s goal! Uriel Antuna, on a personal play in the area, put Jonathan dos Santos to bed and a cut marked a discount for the machine.

Minute 76. Antuna’s Chilean effort failed to connect well and headed towards the Malacon goal.

Minute 71. Dangerous free kick for Cruz Azul and yellow for Luis Fuentes.

Minute 68. Jonathan Rodriguez is again seeing minutes with the United States. Enter Brian Rodriguez.

Minute 63. As possession is concentrated in the middle of the field, friction continues in the game.

Minute 58. America’s Bench Movement. Out goes Richard Sanchez, in comes Alejandro Zendejas.

Minute 54. Changes in Cruise Blue. Moise and Campinto go to Angel Sepulveda and Jose Ignacio Rivero.

Minute 52. Juan Escobar is reprimanded and Cruz is third in Azul.

Minute 51. Now yellow for Rotondi. The party with the most friction.

Minute 46. Yellow card for Uriel Antona.

Min 45. The ball is rolling again for Azteca! The second half begins with the USA in the lead on the scoreboard.

Min 45+8. The end of the first part! Los Aguilas beat Azteca with one more player.

Min 45+7. Great goal by Brian Rodriguez! His shot is embedded at Jurado’s far post and the U.S. go into halftime with a wide advantage.

Min 45+6. Dita’s shot is denied by Quinones on the corner kick.

Min 45+4. America’s goal! Richard Sanchez’s left-footed shot from the edge of the area left the defense cold and impossible for Jurado.

Min 45+1. Israel Reyes exits due to injury and Ramon Juarez enters.

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Minute 45. The referee adds seven units.

Minute 41. Campinto, again, lost in a header without direction to the second net.

40 min. Yellow card for Jonathan dos Santos.

Minute 39. Lion’s shot goes wide.

Minute 35. The referee corrected and decided to send Rodriguez off.

Minute 34. Yellow card to Carlos Rodriguez for slapping Sanchez, he is also reprimanded. Referee goes to VAR.

Minute 32. The title of Campinto without direction.

Minute 29. Yellow for Malacon.

Minute 28. America still hasn’t recovered from celestial parity and is lagging on defense. Rotondi, again, narrowly scored the second.

Minute 23. Cruz Azul’s goal! To celebrate the tie, Carlos Rodondi took a kick from his left foot and nailed it into the corner.

20 min. Near Campinto. Cruz is new against the Azul, but the Colombian is empty-handed as he can’t push past Rotondi’s cross.

16 min. Rotondi’s play creates the individual and crosses low to find Moyes, but the Brazilian’s shot is smothered and ends up in Malacon’s hands.

12 min. Rodrigo Houskas almost scored a tie. Counterattack led by Campindo, who crosses the ball into the area and is finished by the right winger, but his shot goes wide.

Minute 11. Quinones steals the defense and tries to surprise Jurado from long range, but the shot goes wide of the goal.

Minute 8. Uriel Antuna hits a volley after a cross from the middle, but Malacon responds well behind.

Minute 7. An early goal by Águilas now has Cruz Azul rethinking the initial idea, although they kept the ball.

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Minute 4. Goal for America! Julián Quiñones celebrates his first of the game after taking advantage of the rebound inside the area after Brian Rodriguez’s effort.

Min 1. Get the ball rolling on Azteca! Cruz Azul and America eye three points in new Clasico Jovan.

Five minutes from the start. Teams take the field

The Guardian of the Crossbow.

The surroundings of the stadium are like this.

Sky-blue wardrobe.

This is how eagles came to the Aztecs.

This is America’s turn

This is the lineup of Cruz Azul

Welcome to Azteca Stadium! A stage shared by both clubs, but which will serve as home this Saturday Crusaders.

When do you play, how and where do you watch Cruz Azul? Match day, time, TV channels and online streaming vs. America for the start of 2023

  • Day: Saturday 2 September
  • Hours: 21:05 Mexico City | 23:05 ET
  • Stadium: Aztec
  • TV Channels:
    • Mexico: TUDN
    • USA: Unity
  • Online Streaming:
    • Mexico: TUDN App / Web, ViX Premium
    • USA: Fubo

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