Blackouts return in Cuba due to power outages and fuel shortages

The power company has reported for two consecutive days blackout After several days of unannounced interruptions due to power outages and fuel shortages, shortfalls in power generation.

This Monday, the outage occurred “since 8:20 p.m. due to lack of generation capacity, and the impact continued into the early hours of this morning,” he said in his statement. area Newspaper State Corporation.

Captured by Facebook / Union Electrica UNE

This Tuesday, Union Electrica said that interruptions will continue during the day due to a shortfall of 300 megawatts (MW).

Blackouts occur during peak hours of power consumption: 2,719 MW available and peak demand 3,000 MW, for a shortfall of 281 MW, resulting in a projected impact of 351 MW.

Units 3 and 5 of CTE Renté and Unit 2 of CTE Felton are currently out of service due to the outage. In addition, CTE Renté’s unit 6 is under maintenance and has 353 WM ranges in heat production.

It wasn’t long before Cubans complained. Many argued that the blackout had already taken time to reverse.

“They began, They took a long timeHopefully it won’t stay in the same place forever because we’re going to explode with this heat,” said one.

“The work has begun, as hard as it is, now to break it blackoutLet’s go,” said another.

At the end of July, a group of Cubans blocked traffic on a Sunday night at the intersection of San Lázaro and Belasco streets in Centro Habana. Power outage affected for 10 days.

In pictures circulating on the web about the protest, half a dozen people could be seen sitting on chairs and a sofa in the middle of the street, blocking the passage of vehicles, while another group of people watched immediately nearby. Development of events..

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