Bitcoin bonds in El Salvador are just around the corner

Finally, the government of Najib Bukele authorized the operations of the Bitfinex exchange and granted it the necessary license to issue so-called “volcanic bonds”.

in press releaseThe exchange reported that the National Digital Assets Commission granted them a license this Tuesday to start operating as a service provider. This is the entity that was formed after the approval last January of the Digital Asset Issuance Act, Which is already in effect in the Central American country.

According to the information, the newly formed company, Bitfinex Securities El Salvador, He is the person who has obtained the license from the government. This is an entity independent of the main platform, but which ensures “full regulatory compliance” with Salvadoran law, according to the company.

According to Paolo Ardoino, Bitfinex CTO, the new license It will allow the issuance of assets and their secondary trading With “clearly defined rights and obligations, as outlined in the new regulatory regime for digital assets.”

As indicated, users will be able to take advantage of Bitfinex to benefit from the benefits of issuing, investing in and trading digital assets, Under the “favorable regulatory environment in El Salvador”.

A new step to issue volcano bonds in El Salvador

The license granted to Bitfinex by the government of Nayib Bukele was one of the steps still to be completed for the issuance of bitcoin bonds.which will be sold through this centralized platform.

The Volcano Bond is a financial instrument devised by the Government of El Salvador, which has a minimum purchase point of $100. These bonds can be transferred between users and different types of wallets, through the Bitcoin side network, Liquid.

Arduino said in recent days that the bond issuance The eruption was scheduled to begin at some point between June and September From 2023, once the necessary steps for regulation and oversight are completed.

in this sense, He said This tuesday on twitter they were “Fully committed” to helping El Salvador To take advantage of the “full potential of bitcoin” and the digital asset economy.

The above, because they are from Bitfinex aware of “El Salvador’s rapid transformation into a regional and global center for high-tech financial innovation.”

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