Bill Gates revealed what he recommends investing in today technology

One of the mysteries in investments is what kind of business the world's richest philanthropists are betting on. One of them is Bill Gatesco-founder of the Windows operating system, through which His personal blog reflects his personal experiences, presents some news and provides recommendations regarding business and investments. On this occasion, he paid special attention to today's most profitable companies: energy, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and construction.

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Bill Gates He is known as one of the most prominent businessmen of his time, and during his 68 years he knew how to invest his money very well, in addition to having one of the most successful companies in history as it stands. Microsoft.

Bill Gates in 2023.

According to the Forbes list, it is estimated that Bill Gates earns between US$7.6 million to US$11 million daily. His assets rose to 117 million US dollarsTo prove himself as one of the richest men in the world today.

It is known that he earned his great fortune thanks to the profits made by the American multinational company Microsoft, but its co-founder had strategic stakes in various sectors such as technology, energy, and health. Bill Gates has also made real estate investments such as Xanadu 2.0 and Rancho Paseana, and created his own investment company called Cascadia Investment.

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In his personal blog, he expresses his opinion on topics such as generative artificial intelligence, climate change, business, and investments. But on this occasion he published an article entitled “Investing in innovations that save and improve the greatest number of lives”based on the lecture he gave at the COP Global Climate Action Summit, which aims to improve human well-being.

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It pays particular attention to five sectors that drive pollutant emissions worldwide: energy, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and construction. In his speech, he addresses the urgent need for humans to pay attention to… Climate change The sectors mentioned are important to them Environmental impactAnd also representation Great opportunities investment.

The most profitable investments according to Bill Gates

The first element mentioned by the philanthropist is Clean energies. Since the Paris Climate Change Conference, it has allocated more than two billion dollars and has the idea of ​​doubling the amount in the future. “If you have the ability to finance a clean energy future, I encourage you to do so,” he said.

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The second is Electric cars and power plants. “The transportation sector continues to make great strides forward. “Earlier this year, a sports car traveled 600 miles on a single charge using a new type of battery,” he explained, although he also highlighted the importance of technologies that process metals. “In the sector the creator We are on the right track to making steel Electricity instead of coal“He finished.

The investments that Bill Gates recommends will also help with human well-being.

There is another point that was pointed out agriculture Emphasizing the long-term local outlook to make the food sector “more sustainable and efficient.” Finally, he stated that due to the imminent growth of the world population it is necessary to create Environmentally friendly buildings responsible.

Bill Gates emphasized that innovation allows us to amplify the impact of efforts, as well as lead humans to zero emissions. Regarding this type of investment, he stressed that it “will allow us to continue the remarkable progress achieved over the past century.” Improving human well-being all over the world”.

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