Bikini-clad Chigwis: Her grandmother reacts to topless photos of her granddaughter | Celebrity

Mrs. Rosa Chavetra Expressed his feelings regarding the latest photos Sigis Rivera In it she appeared in a swimming pool without a bikini top (‘topcoat’) With her boyfriend Emilio Sanchez.

Jenny Rivera’s daughter caused controversy not only for revealing her physique on February 20 but also through these pictures. Some promised that he had “copied” the comment he had made for a day or two Carol G, appeared in a low-cut dress on a beach On your Instagram account.

Donna Rosa Chavez admits “sorry” for Sequis appearing half-naked

Mother of The late Jenny Rivera She was not silent when asked about the photos of Chigwis and her seen half-naked.

“Yes sad”He openly stated this in an interview with ‘No Gossip’ given on Tuesday, March 1st.

“If she likes and uses marketing, then There she is, right?“Donna Rosa joins Chavez, with whom Siegfies broke up The family case that sparked the latest audit It was done for Jenny Rivera’s companies.

She’s beautiful, she does not need itBut everyone has the freedom to do what they want. “

The singer’s uncle Juan Rivera also expressed his opinion on the matter on the same show.

“If it was my daughter, I would talk to her. I would say to her: ‘Daughter, do not you occupy it (sic). I do not want people to see you like that. It’s okay if everyone does. That does not mean it is the right thing to do. “

Also, at the end of September 2020, the artist He was seen in bed with little clothes on By reappearing on Instagram after not being on that social network that arose as a result of him Strong separation from Lorenzo Mendes.

Jenny Rivera’s mother explains why she advised her daughter Rosie to “steal”

This Tuesday, February 1, Donna Rosa Chavetra spoke with her daughter Rosie Rivera on Ventinando about the controversial statements she made on her YouTube channel.

In one of her latest videos, Rivera Matriarch ended up with the advice, asking her daughter to “abuse her in business”: “Before someone else steals, you steal.”

“I will not steal Mom”Rosie replied. His mother’s words caused controversy because some considered her inappropriate. They occur in the midst of corruption in the family due to Jenny Rivera’s inheritance and luck.

Sikis blamed his aunt RosieFormer CEO of two La Diva de la Panda companies, he was “dishonest” before being charged. 80 thousand dollars “theft” It was done at a company by “someone very close” to Rosie.

Faced with her controversial statements, Donna Rosa Chavedra defended herself and explained why she advised her daughter to “steal”: “Yes, I told her, fine. They say anyway“.

“I’m good to tell you,” he laughed loosely, “anyway People say ‘they are rats (thieves)’, I ‘biggest rat’. So I say ‘let’s go hard’. “

“Above all, they tell them You have to give people their own“, This controversy is over.

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