Biden opens an example of dialogue with Maduro to guarantee a presidential election in Venezuela

Joe Biden and Nicolas Maduro opened a negotiating table to discuss the regime's economic interests and securing presidential elections in Venezuela.

(From Washington, USA)Joe Biden was opened An example of political discourse with Nicolás Maduro for Confident Presidential elections in Venezuela are scheduled for July 28 and will mark the fall of the populist dictatorship and the beginning of a democratic government. Maduro has other objectives: The White House will need it Remove some economic sanctions against the Caribbean regime Publish millions of dollars America froze because of its illegal origins.

Unlike other opportunities, negotiations between the United States and Venezuela will not take place in Latin America, Europe, or the Middle East. Negotiators appointed by Biden and Maduro, if there are no bureaucratic or technical obstacles They will connect to the Internet Today they will hold an unprecedented virtual conference.

Dan EricksonBiden's national adviser and Francisco Palmieri, representatives of the United States in Venezuela and Colombia will represent the White House. That was not defined as of last night Brian NicholsThe Under Secretary of State for Latin America also joined the bilateral meeting.

Jorge RodriguezPresident of the Venezuelan Parliament and Hector Rodriguez, the governor of Miranda state, will represent the regime's interests on behalf of dictator Maduro. Jorge Rodríguez is a key part of the Venezuelan dictatorship and Always playing alongside Maduro.

National Security Adviser, Dan Erickson and Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro. Both are concerned about the electoral process in Venezuela

A virtual meeting will appear Sudden mode Less than four weeks before the presidential election in Venezuela. Maduro cast the conference as a political and media maneuver Surprised the White House. So far, bilateral meetings between the US and Venezuela have been reported Ex The latter is true.

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“I have received a proposal from the US government for two consecutive months Reestablishing chats and live chats“After two months of thinking I have accepted, next Wednesday (today) negotiations with the United States will resume,” Maduro said on his television program.

Venezuela's dictator is persecuting the opposition, overflowing prisons with political prisoners and vetoing presidential nominations. Maria Corina Machado, A key figure in the opposition to populist rule.

In this context, Erickson and Palmieri confirm the government's commitment to acting in a virtual meeting Don't stop the election Faces Maduro's potential defeat against diplomats Edmundo GonzalezIt is supported by Machado and leads in all polls.

For the populist dictator You are eager to recover so called General License 44 It was negotiated with the United States, and hundreds of millions of dollars The White House froze In the face of systematic political repression by the regime.

General License 44 Allowed foreign companies Enter into gas and oil production contracts in Venezuela without violating the regulations of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), as well as Use the financial system US to cancel payments linked to commercial activities carried out on Venezuelan territory.

But Maduro disabled person To Maria Corina Machado, Arrest For members of the opposition and suppressed proselytizing, Three Dictatorship Acts of Violation The letter and spirit of the so-called Barbados TreatyThere was a discussion between the government and the opposition parties.

In this complex situation, the White House Cancelled General License 44 is a direct response to the regime, which Maduro is now demanding be reinstated as a condition cousin for Guaranteed Continuity of the electoral process in Venezuela.

Nicolás Maduro and his military guard during an official event in Venezuela

White House They will not accept Maduro's economic and fiscal demands. Biden want That Venezuela has clean elections, and that Maduro accept Even if the outcome of the polls is to usher in a democratic transition.

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From this perspective, based on the contrasting positions that Jorge Rodriguez and Dan Erickson take to virtual conferencing, It will be very difficult That the meeting between the United States and Venezuela to give results Politicians in the short run.

Ripe already proven His was a dictatorial career and it wouldn't be the first time selection For breaking the law to protect their own position of power.

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