Biden is advancing with change as Trump fights the election results

Despite President Donald Trump, a change official told CNN Rejection of election results Fighting them with legal claims, the task of preparing the Biden administration “continues at full speed today.
Pitan’s website,, After posting the minimum version earlier in the week, now includes four “administrative priorities” for the incoming presidency: Govt-19, economic recovery, ethnic equality and climate change.

Agency review teams, teams of Biden assistants working for each federal agency, will begin their work this week, “gaining access to federal bodies at the appropriate point.” It is unclear whether that access will be granted because Trump denies the election results.

“We will lay the foundation for the incoming Biden-Harris administration to successfully restore confidence and confidence in our companies and to lead the federal government,” the official said.

The website devises a seven-point plan to deal with Corona virusWorking with governors and mayors to implement a once-available “effective, equitable distribution of treatments and vaccines” and a nationwide mask order, including “routine, reliable and free testing” for all Americans.

“The American people deserve an urgent, strong and professional response to the growing public health and economic crisis caused by the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak,” the website said.

Biden plans to make the corona virus his priority during the transition, trying to better understand the campaign issue that dominated the general election.

CNN previously announced Biden is set to announce his own corona virus task force on Monday, an announcement that will highlight how serious the president-elect’s plans are, focusing on an epidemic that has reached the number of daily epidemics in the past week.
Preparation for the Biden administration has been going on for months. Although the outcome of the presidential election is unclear, the transfer of power ensures that a federal government can be formed within three months if needed. Between election day and opening day.

Biden’s team began working in the summer, growing to at least 150 before November 3rd. A source familiar with the planned change told CNN that the initiative could reach up to 300 people.

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Given the ongoing epidemic and economic downturn caused by the virus, the stakes of change are high, and Trump’s refusal to agree would mean less time for a complete transition between the two administrations. Trump has already violated the protocol: inviting the winner of the current presidential election to the White House is traditional to discuss a number of issues, including change.

Still, Biden’s alternative team is working behind the scenes with the help of Trump officials – namely White House President Mark Meadows and Vice President for Policy Coordination Chris Little – both preparing for possible handover, handing over responsibility.

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