Biden has a significant monetary advantage over Trump in the final weeks, new lawsuits show

His Democratic rival, Joe Biden, nearly three times – with more than $ 177 million – left in his war chest, is going on to demonstrate how the former vice president’s fundraising success in recent months has left him with substantial cash gains from the fall campaign.

Trump’s campaign Burned by too much money It spent more than $ 91 million on advertising alone than it did last month, according to a report filed with the Central Election Commission on Tuesday evening. But the presidential campaign has been on television in recent weeks as Biden has hit the airwaves in three swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which helped Trump defend the White House four weeks ago.
A sign of the president’s monetary crisis: over the weekend, he flew to deep blue California High dollar fundraising event Aides say he brought in $ 11 million for his re-election.

Biden overthrew Trump in August and September and left $ 432 million in the bank with Democratic groups in October. In all, Trump’s political activity – including his joint fundraising committees with the Republican National Committee – is expected to be $ 251.4 million in cash on hand.

But while the president may rely on large sums of Republican money to fund his broad re-election drive, including a ground campaign to oust voters, his main campaign account usually handles advertising. TV stations have to pay lower fees to candidates than other politicians like Super PAC, so candidate money buys more ads.

Trump has overtaken Pita in the majority vote. But Trump campaign officials insist they have enough funds, as Democrat Hillary Clinton overtook and overtook Trump in 2016, still losing the presidency.

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“All the resources we need to get into this election house are in the Trump campaign,” campaign spokeswoman Samantha Jagger said in an email Tuesday night. “We are conducting an extensive campaign covering our massive ground game, travel to major states and advertising on digital, TV and radio.”

Trump campaign manager Bill Stephen announced this week that he would buy $ 55 million in advertising in the final two weeks of the campaign, which he described as “more than adequate air defense.”

Campaign aides argued that the president would get a strong ground move on election day. Trump officials say there are 2.5 million volunteers in the campaign who helped make more than 118 million phone calls to voters during the election cycle.

CNN’s Betsy Klein and Sarah Westwood contributed to the report.

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