Biden campaign cancels Texas event after Trump supporters round up bus in interstate

Trump tweeted a video of the caravan surrounding the Biden bus, saying, “I love Texas!”

Biden spokesman Bill Russo Replied Trump’s tweet, citing reports that he was not prepared to detain participants in a rally at a Pennsylvania airport, led to chaos as Trump supporters marched across cars parked for miles.

“For the second time in a week your campaign has got your supporters stuck in the cold without traffic at one of your SuperSprider rallies,” Russo said on Twitter. “Maybe you should spend more time worrying about those buses than we do.”

Episode 2020 was an ugly finale of the presidential election campaign, which saw the total number of early votes already recorded in Texas exceed the total number of votes cast in the 2016 election.

The Biden campaign bus was traveling from San Antonio to Austin on Friday, urging Biden supporters to cast their ballots on the last day of state voting.

According to a source familiar with the incident, the vehicles were “Trump train crew”. These groups are known in some parts of the state and organize events involving their cars with flags and Trump equipment and roam around to show support for President Donald Trump. The group began shouting insults and obscenities, and then besieged the entire Biden entourage.

At one point they reduced the tour bus to about 20 mph on the Interstate 35, the campaign official said. Vehicles went slowly to try to stop the bus in the middle of the highway. The source said there were about 100 vehicles around the campaign bus. Biden staff were left stranded by the incident, although no one was injured, the source said.

Employees who worked on the bus, called 911, eventually helped local law enforcement take the bus to its destination.

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Neither Fideno nor his companion Sen. Kamala Harriso of California were on the bus. Several sources told CNN that Wendy Davis, a former state senator who was challenging Republican Rep. Chip Roy for Texas’ 21st congressional district, was on the bus. Davis’ campaign declined to comment.

The Biden campaign, which was described with numerous caution, canceled an event planned for Austin later that day, the aide said.

“Instead of engaging in a productive conversation about the different visions that Joe Biden and Donald Trump have for our country, Trump supporters in Texas today have decided to endanger our employees, drivers, supporters and others,” said Tariq Tobek, Texas communications director for the Biden campaign. .My My.

“Our supporters will organize their communities up and down on the ballot for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrats, and for the Texans who disrupted our events today: we will see you on November 3rd,” Tofeek said.

CNN has approached the Trump campaign for comment.

The story has been updated to add a response to the Biden campaign to Trump’s tweet about the incident.

CNN’s Ashley Gilloff, Ed Lavendera, Donald Judd and Ryan Nobles contributed to the report.

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