Biden appointed new US ambassador to Nicaragua

Hugo F. Rodríguez Jr., senior adviser to the State Department’s Western Hemisphere Affairs Office, nominated President Joe Biden as ambassador to Nicaragua this Friday.

Rodriguez Jr. is a career ambassador who holds the position of Minister-Adviser. His autobiography revealed that he was the Under Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Affairs Office. White House.

His appointment will be known a day later New York Times The presidential couple’s son, Loreno Ortega, has demanded a rapprochement with the Biden administration over the release of political prisoners in Nicaragua.

According to the American newspaper, the State Department sent an envoy in March, but Ortegas withdrew.

Professional and professional profile

The U.S. diplomat was born in Pennsylvania, holds an MBA from the Dorton School of Business at the University of Virginia, and is an economist at Hampton-Sydney College.

In addition to his mother tongue, he speaks Spanish and Italian. If confirmed by the legislature, Rodriguez Jr. will have the current win Ambassador Kevin K. SullivanDuring his years in Nicaragua he was attacked by the Ordega regime.

The dictatorship accuses the United States of funding a plot to overthrow the regime in 2018, when mass protests by protesters demanded that the Nicaraguan ruler step down.

Although Ordega says it is currently isolated from the international community, the United States remains the largest trading partner. Both the United States, the European Union and Canada have imposed sanctions on the regime for human rights abuses.

According to Official biography De Rodriguez was the embassy official in Mexico between 2014 and 2015, and in that country he was the Ministerial Adviser on Diplomatic Affairs. In that country, he led the way in “documenting and accessing social services for approximately 500,000 children of American citizens of Mexican parents living in the country.” He was also vice president of mission at Asunciோன்n Paraguay between 2016 and 2019.

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