Bermuda Triangle: NASA reveals the truth of the mystery

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. Located between Miami, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, this area spreads thousands of stories about what is happening.

Ships and planes disappeared there. NASA is now trying to explain these facts from the spread of an invention.

Earth’s magnetic field has a weak point in South America and the South Atlantic Ocean, say space scientists

As satellites pass through this anomaly, they are bombarded with radiation “more intense than anywhere else in orbit,” NASA experts said.

This abnormality is called the South Atlantic Disorder (AAS), and it causes the sun’s rays, known as the Bermuda Triangle, to reach 124 miles above the Earth’s surface in various studies in low Earth orbit.

This can have an impact on accidents in the area, which then disappear.

One of the historic events was the loss of five U.S. military planes on December 5, 1945, when they landed in the Bermuda Triangle. Photo: Private Archive

John Tarduno, a professor of geophysics at the University of Rochester, explained: “I do not like the nickname of the Bermuda Triangle, but in that region, the low intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field ends and the particles that cause the most damage to the satellites can damage the spacecraft as it passes through that area.”


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