Benzema rejected the version of Deschamps leaving Qatar in 2022.

Didier DeschampsTechnical Director France national teamgave a long and frank interview to le parisienAnd the most resonant topic during the talk was how he unsubscribed Karim Benzema of Qatar 2022After Real Madrid striker There was great injury.

However, ed French selector Not taken properly CatWho, inside Social websitesA few words, letters and letters that they simulated as clues pointed to the truth I faked what happened.

What did Deschamps say about Benzema’s defeat?

Presented by Deschamps Some details About Karim’s departure in the past World CupHe assured that there was reason provided discomfortThe main reason why it occurs.

He assured the question Finding the Merengue Player This was unnecessary because the situation was clear.

“It insults us to say that. There is only one truth and there is Karim knows it well. He joined November 14 After semi-inactivity at his club (his last game with Real Madrid November 2 before him CelticHe played for 26 minutes. He pursued an individual plan, and his return to collegiate training was postponed. I am not 100 percent clear that I will be able to start in the first game against Australia. When Karim was injured, our doctor took him Aspeder Clinic Do an MRI. “Karim submitted the results Your doctor in Madrid who also expressed his opinion to him. By the time we got back to the hotel, it was past midnight. I met Karim in his room with our doctor, who had come to give me a report Magnetic resonance”.

Why did Karim leave the concentration?

Didier described how Abandoning Star AttackEnsuring that He asked her to take timeBut suddenly, and when he realized, already I’m not paying attention right now.

Karim is saddened by this the world It meant a lot to him. He told me he was dead. Best, yours Back to training could not come Before December 10th. In his statement on his social network, he expresses his disappointment at having to leave, but justifies his choice. Worried about the team. We were together for about 20 minutes. When I leave him, I say to him: ‘Karim, no rush’. Arrange your return with the team manager. When I wake up, I feel it It’s gone. It’s your decisionHe won’t tell you otherwise, and I understand and respect that.

and the strategist insisted that he would not have been in a position to troop, though he had actually been. Played with his club Before it starts Qatar Match.

“Do you really think this is comparable to the intensity of a? World Cup semi-final? Can you imagine him coming back at the last minute, no one questions, despite his talent and status? Karim himself Told me I wouldn’t have been ready”.

How did El Cado respond?

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Benzema signed Deschamps’ reply to Le Parisian. Next to the phrase “But how dare”was added “Dear Didier, good evening”. Both phrases together A clown’s face. He confirms that Deschamps in this version of events “lies”.

Meanwhile, the teacher reported that Karim told him I will not play with France againAnd he should give reasons himself.

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