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Director and Producer And singer They are the couple of the moment. A few days ago we saw them posing for the cameras together on the red carpet. They did it at the Venice Film Festival, where they spent a few days and allowed themselves to be photographed walking around the city. The couple, who have been spending time with their children, plan to spend more time together as the end of the year approaches.

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A source nearby The couple promised People magazine that they were waiting to see each other, and the two said so “They have months to come”, Lopez and Affleck “They plan to spend the holidays together”. “There will be a gap between the two of them. For Jennifer, Christmas is all about the kids.Evidence pointed to the aforementioned media. “It makes them so special. He wants Christmas.”.

“This year, Ben wants a little more planning because he wants to be with his kids. They have not decided yet Mentioned the holiday, they are still figuring out everything. “Source added. JLo, 52, and Affleck, 49, spent the summer together on a boat trip on the French Riviera to celebrate the singer’s birthday.

“It’s about working for the next few months.”The source said. Ben travels to Texas next week. Jennifer begins filming in Canada In October “Added. Despite their busy schedules, couples have made time with their families a priority.

Translator of Jenny from Black She is the mother of her twins with her ex-husband Mark Anthony, her daughter Emmy and her son Max, aged 13 and a half. Affleck shares with his daughters Violet Anne, 15, and Serabina Rose, 12, and son Samuel Corner, 9, and his ex-wife Jennifer Corner.

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This weekend, the couple brought their families to screen outside Rock School In Los Angeles, according to the media .

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A day after his red carpet appearance at the Venice International Film Festival. Ben Affleck pushed aside an avid fan approaching Jennifer Lopez. (Source: USA TV)

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