Beniarrés 2022. Welcome to Participatory Science.

The 8th Benares Amateur Climatology and Meteorology Meeting, held on May 14, was a resounding success, although I’m not the one who said that. Philip Schmidt Tommy impressed us with an exposition that is rigorous, rigorous and informative. He presented many examples of flood risk reduction work, and insisted on the need for their economic, social and environmental sustainability. At the same time, he cited several bad examples of planning and we were surprised to find one and the other, almost indistinctly, in both developed and developing countries. Mark Redondo brilliantly explained his work in Aruseros, in VI. He defended the advantages of this form of publishing with rigor and credibility, without losing the spark and fun that this type of software embodies. In the Roundtable, from Avamet, geographer Juan Juan explained to us the extraordinary benefit of Meteoxarxa for seeing the dramatic differences in rainfall within a few kilometers of recent weeks’ rain. For his part, Empar Landete, of Stormchaser, has managed to solve something really complicated, which is the causes of these successive rainy seasons, in relation to stratospheric heating, the polar vortex, the expansion of tropical air and the indices NAO and Wemo. The questions posed by the audience influenced the discussion and demonstrated the need for this type of communication between professionals and expert and curious hobbyists. Meteorological photo awards, food and field day afternoons, with visits to the Barranc de Caraita in Benillup or the various landslides and house falls that Alcoi has suffered, was a good way to round out the meeting. The city council of Beniarrés, Meteored and the Joint Institute of Geography of the University of Alicante summoned to organize the ninth meeting in 2023, because its convenience was more than justified,

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