Belinda shows off her new look for her beloved Christian Nodal

In fact, Belinda Y Christian Nodal In Spain they spend time together, where both individuals perform professional duties. First Is in the records of the series Welcome to Ethan; During the second Has been doing some musical collaborations.

Despite their busy schedule, this couple of lovebirds do not take the time to show their love for each other and beautify themselves. Thus, the translator of “Love at First Look” showed off the new look of her beloved boyfriend. In the snapshot where the actress uploaded a story on her Instagram account, Christian Nodal is seen with her hair green! The singer got the opportunity to play an anime character in the aforementioned film.

But that’s not all; The lovers revealed some intimate moments. In the videos uploaded to their stories, you can see them hugging in a bed. The protagonist of the soap opera Friends forever She tells him to sing a song for her and Nodal follows her by giving her a female voice. The young woman now followed him and responded.

Photo by Alex Cordova en Español

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In addition, the translator of “Tell Me How You Want” showed a very romantic moment, where the two give loving kisses on the lips and continue to embrace at all times. They even play with their respective languages. “I wanted my tongue to stick in your nose,” Belinda told her boyfriend.

As you can see, Belinda and Christian Nodal do not hesitate to shout their love from the roof. Are the wedding bells already ringing? Only time can answer this question.

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