Belinda responded to Christian Nodal’s reaction and the reaction to the removal of her photos

It is a fact with facts that sometimes reality transcends fiction. The world of networks and, in particular, followers Belinda And Christian Nodal, They had not spoken before the couple’s last unpleasant events.

After entertaining his fans with dreamy pictures of the two celebrating the singer’s birthday at Disney, his fianc மனைவிe All traces of her were destroyed On her Instagram profile and did not follow her.

Breakdown, advertising stunt, boyfriend angry? Some possibilities that some users of the networks consider, their protagonists decide to give signs of life.

IG nodal

Now the million dollar question is, how did Belinda take it and what was her reaction to such rudeness?

Well, the translator of “School Girl” did not stand idly by and reacted to her boyfriend’s actions. Initially, she followed him. Christian Nodal is no longer one of his ‘friends’ on Instagram.

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When analyzing his profile, there are only two photos of the translator in Belinda. One belongs to their engagement day, and the other when the two collaborate on the project The voice And their love rumor sounded louder. In his case he wanted to leave those two Special moments like this in your life.

Instagram / @ belindapop Belinda Y. Christian Nodal

For now, the reason for this unexpected disagreement remains an unsolved mystery. No one shows up on their network after what happened, so they attract more attention than ever.

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