Beautiful, Livia Britto is changing her look and her fans are going crazy

Livia Brito is one of the most beautiful soap opera heroines And today is talented, but also uploads things about his lifestyle on social networks in his spare time. On this occasion, she surprised her fans by showing off her changed look.

Cuban has been mired in controversies, but she has redeemed herself and established herself as a fashion and lifestyle influencer, but one of the high points of her acting career.

She recently participated in the Mexican soap opera “Mujer de Nobody” produced by Giselle González, a 2004 version of the story Loving You is My Sin by Liliana About. It ended on August 12 and the Mexican audience loved it.

Livia Brito looks stunning with her new look

In an Instagram story, the model also showed off her new haircut, It’s now a bit shorter, shoulder height and straight, with wavy hair tossed aside.

It looks spectacular. Photo: Featured.

The 35-year-old Brito sighed among his millions of fans. Well, she always shares her elegant, glamorous, casual and sporty look at this time. In addition, we can guess that the beach is one of her favorite places, since she regularly takes her trips to the sea and publishes her postcards in tiny swimsuits.

But she is not only followed for her beauty as she is a very talented actress. There are those who refer to her latest character as “Fernanda Linares”. In “La Desalmada”, it is already iconic in Mexican television, such as Angélica Rivera “La Gaviota” or Angelique Boyer “Teresa”, in which Bárbara Mori “Rubí”.

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