Beaumas Vs Beaubola (2-0): Those in Unam are revived at the hands of Dineno.

University Olympic Stadium /

From University Olympics And in the midst of a hostile environment with his entertainment, Puma Can move forward this Sunday and Beat Puebla 2-0 To get the first win of the competition and what is going on in the rest must be put on public notice Match Day 6.

After the first quiet time, the emotions were stored for where they were filled Juan Ignacio Dinenno The challenge Anthony Silva Under three cases. A pass from Gabriel Torres So that defined the back of the forward, but sent the ball past Pablono.


Washington Coroso Screened on MX League When scoring the first goal Puma And give you hope of success. The Ecuadorian sealed a good individual play that started at the edge of the area, got the ball and was able to reach the front of the law by following two Puebla defenders Anthony SilvaWhom he defeated by artillery shell.

Each time a win is scored when a penalty is scored in favor of the cats after a drag Rice of Israel On Coroso Within the area and Juan Ignacio Dinenno He was in charge of making money without any problems with his shot. தினென்னோ Can be shaken Lack of goal In which Opening 2021.

Both inputs breathe oxygen for the Ariasul team, and this was noticed at the celebrations where the entire team joined their coach. Too, தினென்னோ Lie on the grass to celebrate him The first target in tears.

It was like this Puma The pressure of a lack of results and goals can be shaken up a bit because this afternoon they scored more than one goal for the first time and achieved their victory in the midst of a wave of departing negative environment. Andres Lillini.

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