Be very careful with these new Apple Watch bands

With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 9, new bands have arrived along with more standard materials. Committed to its efforts to protect the environment, Apple is turning to synthetic and recycled fabrics in a large number of accessories. One of them, the Sports Bands, has a variant made of pre-woven fabric, which makes them carbon neutral. However, These hide a flaw that Apple doesn’t mention.

The Apple Watch is a watch that can be focused in many ways. From being an extension of the iPhone, to being a fashion accessory, to a great watch designed for sports. Health is one of the main pillars of this product. And with Apple Watch Box, Bars create an ideal ecosystem for physical activity.

Waterproofing is important

Although the Apple Watch Series 9 is not designed for water and underwater activities, they do have protection against water and dust. Thanks to this water resistance, the watch is not only protected, but also allows you to take it everywhere and practice many activities, such as swimming.

All cases are water resistant. But to ensure proper operation in the long run, It is also very important that everything that makes up the watch is water resistant.

Many of the bands we currently have are water resistant. Now, if you want one for sports, it’s common to think that it’s also water resistant. But the truth is no, and Apple didn’t say that directly.

Carbon-neutral sports pads hide a problem

We won’t know this “surprise” until we go to the Apple Watch configurator. Belts Sports ring made of cloth, Although they are exposed, they are not waterproof. Although they are designed for sports and are very comfortable to wear, in the long run they wear out with water as it seeps into the fabric.

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Actually, on the pads Those expressly marked as waterproof are made of rubber. and fluoroelastomers. Because they are non-absorbent materials, once the Apple Watch dries, they stay put.

Series 9 Sports Ring

Fabric, like many other textile products They absorb water very easily and very quickly. It is this absorption (along with the subsequent need for drying) that leads to excessive wear. Also, if we want to protect our device and no traces of moisture stay anywhere, the strap made of textile material should be removed if we want the whole device to be completely dry.

But Lupe Deportiva straps aren’t the only waterproof ones. No textile has the same water resistance (such as rubber). Even stainless steel straps are not resistant.

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