BB Gayton models the perfect shorts to show off her perfect butt at 50

Bibi Gayton She is one of the most beautiful actresses and singers in the world of art in our country, but what surprised us is that it seems that time has not passed for her, because she looks just like Tania in the soap. Almost 30 years ago the opera ‘Dos Mujeres a Bath’ posed famously to prove it. Denim shorts What gives Perfect butt It makes her look 20 to 50.

Popular is not only young and lean, but also wears a team Wasp waistAs seen in the popular melodrama where he shared the screen with diva Laura Leone, ‘La Desorito’.

BB Gayton plays Tania at age 21 | FB: @clasicosdenovela

We’re not the only ones shocked by how much younger Bibi Gaitan has become in 30 years, as Eduardo Capetillo’s wife on social media barely remembers the iconic character she played when she was 21.

BB Kayden models a denim minishort that looks refreshing

BB Gayton made an impact on social media when she shared pictures of herself wearing yes refreshing and revealing outfits. Wasp waistButtock tone and Nice legs.

The actress, singer and dancer also wore a similar outfit to the one she wore in the novel, which consisted of denim minishorts and a pretty colored blouse with puffed sleeves, giving it an air of elegance and instant freshness.

Biby Gaytan wearing denim shorts IG: @bibygaytan

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As for her beauty look, Biby Gaytán always prefers neutral tones, practically, showing her beauty naturally. In addition, she wore a super successful and popular hand look, as she paired her outfit with some magenta acrylic nails, which are all the rage in 2023.

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Other Ways to Wear BB Kayden Denim Shorts

This isn’t the first time the artist and mother of five has left us speechless with her look in a denim mini-short, which she previously modeled in another version, which she paired with an open back and a floral long-sleeved body.

Famous buttocks and wasp waist | IG: @bibygaytan

With this look, BB Gayton managed to remind us of his funny character in the telenovela, in which he shared the credits with actor Eric Estrada. Ready to test out this trendy outfit for the Spring-Summer 2023 season?

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