Bayern Munich have announced that Thomas Tuchel will not continue

Bayern Munich have announced that Thomas Tuchel will not continue on the Bavarian side's substitute bench next season..

“In an open and honest conversation, we came to the decision to end our relationship in the summer. Our goal is to have a new playing system with a new coach next season,” Bayern board chairman Jan said. -Christian Dreesen.

“Until then everyone at the club has to give everything to reach the maximum possible Bundesliga and in UEFA Champions League” he added.

Duchel came to the club to replace Julian Nagelsmann, who was sacked from his role midway through the season. The group's decision at that time was to return after the drop Borussia Dortmund I would have deducted 12 points to lead the Bundesliga.

Team With Tuchel he was finally crowned champion, but he never finished believing Neither was his style of play or what he displayed on the field. A few short circuits were discussed in the locker room with the leaders of the club.

Tuchel was never an easy character, and his relationship with the team wasn't easy either. They were frequent Practitioner's complaints about decisions taken in exchange marketsIn particular he did not complete the arrival of some of the players he had requested.

In the present study, Bayern started with a German Super Cup loss against Leipzig, then were kicked out of the German Cup and are eight points behind leaders Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga..

They have lost three in a row in the past week (Bayer Leverkusen and Bochum in the Bundesliga, Lazy in the Champions League) and that may have influenced the result announced this Wednesday.

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The Bundesliga isn't impossible, but it's unlikely, which is why the board is placing its chips on the UEFA Champions League this season. “I am confident that with the support of our people we will make it to the quarter-finals,” Driesen concluded.

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