Barcelona | Most Expected Income: Anju Patti was discharged after 322 days!

Good news on ‘Kane Parsa’ after the start of the season as Ronald Koman is finally worried on the team. That’s it Anju Fathi returned to the call after receiving a medical discharge this Saturday, The team’s worst game, classification in La Liga and the future of the Dutch coach, open the gap of hope on the horizon in which the young nurse talent poet has already appeared, and what way

Anju Patti today puts an end to a dream that began during the game against Bettis at Camp Nou on November 7, requiring four surgeries and a total of 322 days off.. During that long trip in the desert, the player saw the team disintegrate, the club collapsing and nothing could be done to help him. A good part of the rescue took him not only from the media but also from Ciudad Esportiva via Porto and then via Madrid.

Apparently, not everyone knows about Fathi’s return now. No one expected miracles in the first months: The absence of ten months should be consolidated little by little. If all goes in its normal course, the young forward will be able to play his first minutes against Levante this Sunday, but after the national team break, in mid-October, Anju will already be able to play as a starter.

Thus, Goman finally attacked a profile:N forward with band overflow and speed. However, Fathi’s arrival may come a little late for the Dutch coach’s future, as he is completely doomed.

Except for Fathi, Today another name for Blacrana, a 17-year-old boy by the name of his poet, surprised locals and strangers with his talent, ambition and self-confidence.. He made his debut as a starter against Cadiz, finished a great match, and all indications are that Koeman will continue against Levante this Sunday, especially since Frankie and Petrie are not on the list, taking into account the losses he suffered in midfield.

Barசாa maintains already known losses to Brightwhite, Temple, Axero, Alpha, Balde and Petrie. Finally, the Canadian could not recover in time from his quadriceps injury and will have to see if he can be in Lisbon on Wednesday to play against Benfica on the second day of the Champions League.

The full list of players for the match against Levante (4.15pm) at Camp Nou is as follows: Der Stegen, Neto, Pique, Test, Lenglet, Mingueza, Umtiti, Sergei Roberto, Arazo, Eric, Sergio Busquets, Memphis, Ricky Buig, Gutinho, Luke, Demir, Pathi, Pena, Kavi And Nico.

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