Barcelona looks at the abyss of the Commonwealth

Barcelona is alone. 27,000 fans came to Camp Nou as loyal and enthusiastic to join him in another game in a season that is now changing dramatically. No one knows how long Ronald Koeman will be on the bench, but no one knows who will be able to resurrect this dying Barசாa who seemed to be seen with one eye.

The last breath saved him from defeat. Ronald Arazo With a title signed by Puyol. Or God. Anger, surrender, denial of all surrender and surrender. Without football but with pride. This is how a parsa that staggers in the valley survives because it cannot be set aside, without parsa football it would not have been understood for a long time.

Arazo worked as it had in its day Louis Suarez To the ‘Uruguo’ shout of the fans making him a hero. With a central, enthusiastic, proud and dedicated, bad sign when taking on the role of star and reminiscent of the early days of Coles Puyol, there were no football arguments.

The storm that landed in Barcelona just hours before the game against Granada made an entry that was already poor. It was also shown that some people going to the stadium are on top of each other, or they are not licking at the thought of injuries. Messi (Already no applause note in ten minutes) or they wereted no time pointing to the coach or making any mistake (there were so many this Monday) with more anger.

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Those who are less and less excited, despite Bar பார்a’s game being just a disaster. Camp No turned upside down in the image and similarity of those dark years, centering the balls for rhyme or reason, running without meaning and turning Arazo into a kind of football leader.

This Barcelona has the scent of a sad and soulless past, which many may not know, but will be remembered by senior fans who experienced worse times than this present. Three decades ago, with no epidemics needed or television and social networks broadcasting any game live, just over 25,000 fans were quoted at the stands.

Today, Coman, with an even closer expiration date, is undoubtedly despised by social media for qualifying as the worst coach to sit on the bench at Camp Nou, demonstrating short memory like a ghost when not in a chair or expected to sit.

Long before Barசாa, the light dimmed little by little and inevitably. He did not like it at first or he did not know how to take it from his golden generation, he surrendered himself to the players who made him the best players in the past without focusing on what they could be a drag on in the future … and so it was pointed out.

Johann Groof, from 1988 and in 1994 and 1995, completely renewed clothing, with good words or bad arts, giving way to the sacred cows of the time. When the leader of that era, Nice, began to demonstrate the need to inject new wisdom after winning the Champions League in 2015, let the coach do as Bartomeu failed to do.

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With the epidemic came in 2020, there was disaster. A Parsia ruined their accounts and collapsed in their football can no longer escape. Ronald Koeman, Bartomeu’s latest umbrella, puts a new batch of young people on stage as he goes without credit, will see how far they can go … and soon who will be without their godfather.

It remains to be seen who can fix this devastation …

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