Barcelona are in danger in the Champions League because of Negreira CaseHalf time

Prosecutor’s complaint for Negrera case for FC Barcelona ends to induce Not only that Legal issues for BlackranaBut like sports obstacles Stay away from the next Champions League.

Corruption The scandal of the Catalan club This includes Former presidents like Joseph Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosel, Barcelona is in the eyes of the worldThis is for a complaint of 3 million euros in bribes to José María Enriquez Negrera, the vice president of the arbitration panel in Spain.

According to UEFA rules, they cannot refuse your participation For a team for its skill, But avoid calling himAs indicated in Articles 4.02 and 4.03.

“Based on all the circumstances and information available to UEFA, Mr UEFA ends To your complete satisfaction A club is directly and/or indirectly involved Since the entry into force of Article 50 (3) of the UEFA Statutes, i.e. from 27 April 2007, any Activity aimed at fixing or influencing the outcome of a match Nationally or internationally, the UEFA will declare the club ineligible for the competition. This ineligibility is effective for one football season only.

How is his participation in LaLiga, The Barcelona will not lose its position in the first placesSo their classification will reach the next Champions League, but If that is not achieved, regulation refers to the Europa League and the Conference League.

Is LaLiga in danger?

Although LaLiga Santander did not pronounce About this scandal, Here too there will be consequences for BlagranaNot yet knowing the severity of the obstacles.

The company will wait for the investigation to follow its course Learn how to act.

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