Barakaldo opens its new covered space in Retuerto

The Retuerto neighborhood it already has its coveted multipurpose covered space. This new facility has been created together with the house of culture, has an area of ​​300 square meters and will serve to enable various activities to be carried out in the neighborhood regardless of the weather. The Barakaldo City Council has invested 690,000 euros in this project, which is now a reality.

This initiative has had the invaluable collaboration and advice of the citizens of Retuerto. In fact, At the request of the neighborhood, the place where this new space would be created was changed, since the initial approach of the City Council was to place this aterpe in a square located next to the A-8. “As we have at the time, at the beginning it was proposed to cover a square located next to the A-8. But the residents of the neighborhood expressed their doubts with the place and put other options on the table. Thanks to the joint work we have achieved create this covered space “, explained Amaia del Campo, mayor of Barakaldo. In this way, the location of this covered space has been adapted to the preferences of the citizens since this aterpe aims to be a meeting point for the neighbors and, also, reflect the character of Retuerto. For this reason, when it came to shaping the roof, we opted for a design totally in keeping with the industrial spirit of the neighborhood. Thus, the roof is made up of six 5.6 meter high porches that give rise to a totally open space that offers a wide range of possibilities when organizing events in this place. In addition, in order to make the most of natural light, the porches that shape the roof are made of translucent polycarbonate and, on the other hand, the six porches draw a figure of saw teeth that evoke the skylights of the roofs of industrial buildings.

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In addition, has opted to include led technology luminaires that, in addition to making these facilities more sustainable in terms of energy, will allow the creation of different environments depending on the event that takes place under this roof. In this way, Retuerto already has a new space in which to celebrate popular and festive events, exhibitions, workshops and children’s activities, putting an end to one of the historical demands of this neighborhood.

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