Banco Metropolitano job offers: what are the salaries?

This week, Banco Metropolitano de La Habana, which serves more than a million customers in the Cuban capital, used its social networks to offer different types of jobs, with salaries for each. In the midst of a great demand for labor and where the salary is not practicable enough, we leave these options to our readers in case they are interested.

According to this information disclosed on social networks, those interested can apply for employment at the nearest branch or at the Human Capital Office located at Almendares # 156, Desagüe corner, Plaza de la Revolución. It also provides phone numbers for questions such as: 78782619 and 78785802.

There are three bank career options in the Cuban capital. The first is Bank Cashier, where a grade 12 is required, to be a graduate of pre-university, intermediate level, or university. The salary for this position is between 4,200 and 5,100 COP, depending on the level of the branch in which you will work.

The following job offer is for a ‘B and C Manager of Banking’ You also need to have a Grade 12 or be a University Graduate. With salaries ranging from 4,200 to 6,300 COPs depending on the position and category of the Havana branch.

Job opportunities in Banco Metropolitano

Finally the last Displays It is a “technical or computer specialist”, a mid-level or higher graduate is required, with a salary that can range from 4,400 to 6,300 COP. They remember from Banco Metropolitano that they make an extra payment every quarter to make profits.

Some people immediately responded to this job offer from Banco Metropolitano. And one of the users indicated that “these salaries should be increased and all branches and jobs they have will be covered, and the bank’s work is very good, but it carries a lot of responsibility and risks, so their salaries should be better.”

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“Let us remember that Cuba is hyper-inflated and basic necessities are bought from the MLC. What will a bankman do with $6,000 for the whole month if a box of chicken costs $8,500? (…) take care of the workers you have left and acquire new ones With decent wages, ”recalls the former bank worker on the island.

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