Bad Bunny attacks Jay Pauline for Latin Grammy chaos

2021 Added another voice case with reggaeton on the way to Latin Grammy.

Now, Puerto Rican Bad Bunny has said in a radio interview that he should not complain to Colombian Jay Pauline’s Latin Academy of Music and has agreed that Medellin “Aqua” is ineligible for the Recordon Song Award.

“I got four nominations through the Lost World Tour. I think I should have gotten a few more nominations. Paul was nominated as ‘water’, he was upset and they suggested he was ‘water’. If I were a Grammy judge, I would not nominate him or Nickelodeon. “They took him into account,” said the translator, “I’m Alone” on the Alofolk radio show.

Later, Bad Bunny continued to comment on the Colombian song and said that the best thing he had was that song.

“The best thing about Aqua ‘is the song that Danny did. I don’t think it’s a Grammy-worthy lesson.”

“Hawaii (by Maluma) is a song I say, Hell, it’s a Malcolm’s Recaton, although it’s the most popular song on the record, for example, the Chechen album is a good record for me. It was to get two or three nominations, ”he continued.

Shortly after the nominations for the Latin Grammy were announced at the end of September, the Colombian regatta exploded against the awards of artist Jay Paul, because, according to him, the National Academy of Music and the Arts of America does not value cities.

Through his social networks, the “Jinza” translator called on other Riccaton players to skip the awards ceremony in November.

“Grammy doesn’t value us, but they want us. This is nothing against my opinion and other genres because they deserve all the respect. But the trick is already boring …”, Paulin said through his Twitter account.

After those revelations, the Puerto Rican urban singer-songwriter resident responded to his statements. J. Paulvin and It went down so hard.

“To understand why I got lost, Jose. If Grammy doesn’t respect us, why do I have 31 Grammy. I’m not urban, am I not rap? What type are we talking about?

You’re going to tell Mike Towers that this is his first recommendation, don’t go to Grammy because it comes from your cushions”, Said Puerto Rican, after mentioning other expressions of the type recommended for the megaphone this year.

The 27-year-old Towers was nominated in the “Best Urban Music Album” category along with Jay Wheeler for “Like Mike” and “Best Urban Song” and “Best Curiosity”.

“To top it off, this year they dedicate it to Ruben Blade, that is, Are you telling the urban genre to ignore the awards and not celebrate Ruben Blades’ artist career? A boy about the history of Latin American music. Unlike you, a person writes his songs and feels them“, He rebuked.

“Last year, when you were nominated 13 times, if you didn’t go to the Grammy, I would trust you about the boycott. But there you are not asking for boycott. I definitely changed clothes for each award, but according to 13 nominations, you only won one Grammy, and now the boycott is back ”.

In the comments section, which exceeded hundreds in an hour, the Colombian artist simply responded respectfully to the resident. “Respect your opinion”.

The controversy continued with several recordings between the two artists, however, it was revealed that the resident had deleted his initial post and then invited J Pauline to delete it.

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