Avianca: Colombians who traveled to Mexico – Latin America – were stranded internationally

A group of Colombians traveling from Los Angeles (USA) Bogota, Trapped Mexico After the flight Avianca The Benito Jurassic International Airport (CDMX) had to make an emergency landing.

Apparently, the emergency, which occurred at 4:00 a.m. on July 21, appeared after a female passenger Dizzy He was in the middle of the plane and had to receive emergency medical treatment.

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After landing, the woman was taken to the medical center by ambulance. Avianca clarified that this was dismissed as a case Covit19.

One of the passengers had health problems. Following protocol, first aid and preventive measures, the Commander Captain made the decision to divert the flight to Mexico, so the team informed Airport Health to provide the necessary assistance as soon as the plane arrived.The plane said in a statement, “Diversion of the plane at any time did not indicate an emergency. ”

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Following the incident, nearly 200 passengers were transferred to the accommodation room at the airport.

What is Avianka? We were on an Av83 flight from Los Angeles to Bogot and they dropped us off at the Benito Juarez Mexico Airport. They left us without life-saving conditions. We’ve been in a room since 4:00 am! They need us to fix it!“One of the victims initially wrote on his Twitter account.

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According to complaints reported while they were in the airport room, the situation was very bad Trouble. For example, according to ‘Semana’, only women can go to the bathroom in the company of a security guard; However, the men had to free themselves where they were.

However, Avianca recently announced that the Colombians have already relocated to one location Hotel In Mexico City and his trip was rescheduled for Bogota tomorrow July 22Or 2:00 a.m. local time.

The airline said the delay was due to the need to wait for Mexican aviation authorities to approve the flight plan issued for the return flight to the Colombian capital.

The crew’s service time was up, so it was necessary to unload the passengers back on stage, and they had to wait for the relevant authorization to proceed with the migration process and enter Mexico.They said.

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