Australia’s withdrawal from China’s “New Silk Road” sparked outrage from Beijing

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (EFE / EPA / JOEL CARRETT)

Government of Australia Wednesday vetoed two agreements between China and the Victoria region under the Belt and Road Initiative (PRI) For “conflicts” with the maritime foreign policy, Beijing called for a retreat this Thursday and threatened to respond “harshly”.

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin, the Canberra decision is a “backward step” that could worsen relations between the two countries. “It is a new confirmation that Australia has no integrity in developing bilateral relations (with China). “, he said.

The Australian government was the first to use the powers of veto agreements between the country’s jurisdictions and foreign countries to protect the national interest. The signing of these agreements to build the “New Silk Road” signifies “conflicts” with foreign policy set by Canberra.

Questionable contracts Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2018 and 2019 However, according to the Australian press, they do not involve Victorian regional authorities in carrying out specific projects and are not legally bound.

However, China has lodged “formal and conclusive complaints” with Australian authorities that the agreements between Beijing and the island region are in the best interests of both parties.

File photo: Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Wang Wenpin during a press conference in Beijing, China on December 14, 2020 (REUTERS / Thomas Peter)
File photo: Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Wang Wenbin during a press conference in Beijing, China on December 14, 2020 (REUTERS / Thomas Peter)

Popularly known as the “New Silk Road”, the PRI opened in 2013 on the orders of Chinese President Xi Jinping, and seeks to improve trade links between Asia, Europe, Africa and other regions with the construction of ports and roads and railways. , Airports and Industrial Gardens. These projects are funded with Chinese investments or millions of dollars in loans. Many Western countries and China’s regional rivals viewed the initiative with suspicion, citing Beijing’s growing political and economic influence.a.

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“Federal Government of Australia, Irrationally, He vetoed the cooperation agreement, “said spokesman Wang Wenpin.” This is an arbitrary interference in normal cooperation. ” Serious damage to Australia-China relations and mutual trust between the two countries“, He added.

“The Chinese side has the right to take further action in this regard.”The spokesman stressed that Australian authorities had reviewed more than 1,000 international agreements and canceled only four, two of which were “related to China.”

According to the Australian government, the agreements have been canceled because they do not comply with the country’s foreign policy, which supports the “free and open” Indo-Pacific region.

File photo: Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne (via Brendan Smylovsky / Pool REUTERS)
File photo: Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne (via Brendan Smylovsky / Pool REUTERS)

The increase in tensions between these two countries a Beijing, trade dispute after imposing tariffs on several Australian exports to Asian companies.

A senior official at the Chinese embassy in Canberra recently blamed the unfavorable situation, and in 2018 the Australian government decided to exclude Chinese telecommunications company Hawaii from the fifth generation (5G) networks.

The relationship was further strained when Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an international inquiry into the origins of the Govt-19 epidemic last year.

Sea country Approved a series of laws to prevent foreign interference in the country’s politics and economy, without directly quoting China, which suspects computer attacks against universities and government agencies.

With information from AFP, EFE and EuropaPress

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