Australia sinned innocently in Qatar 2022 and fell to an unforgiving Argentina

Argentina easily beat Australia who “just played” in the last game. (Photo: MB Media/Getty Images)

Argentina 2-1 win over Australia to advance to the quarter finals. It is already one of the top 8 teams Qatar 2022. measured in Netherlands And they will remember the days in Brazil in 2014 when the South Americans knocked them out in the semi-finals. Not sure how good or bad they are coming up against, the competition Football players is not a parameter.

The Argentine national team did enough to beat the Australians. Neither more nor less: they are not inferior, but they do not see themselves as all-powerful. The game process is closed until it arrives Lionel Messi’s goal.

Once on the scoreboard, Argentina handled the game at their convenience, keeping the ball at their feet and even rival goalkeeper Matthew Ryan giving “them” a second goal. He wanted to go out there playing and Julian Alvarez expected that.

Australia is innocent, not showing the level assumed after Denmark’s exit. The only chance they have is to scare them Albiceleste This was the goal he scored in the 76th minute. Craig Goodwin He has brought a shoe from outside. The ball might not have gone in, but a deflection by Enzo Benandez made it possible. Emiliano Martínez was steady and couldn’t stop the ball from going in.

After they tried to equalize, Argentina fell asleep and retreated, allowing the Australians to thrive, and they only showed momentum in the closing stages of the game. Only in that last section did they threaten, but in the rest of the match they almost “gave away” the most important game of the last four years.

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Now Argentina must face a team “of its size”. The South Americans enjoyed the privilege of playing against lower-ranked teams. Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland and Australia do not have weight Netherlands.

The Netherlands are Argentina's opponents in the quarter-finals.  (Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

The Netherlands will face Argentina in the quarter-finals. (Photo: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Now the litmus test begins for Messi and company, who have only one thing to do: lift the trophy. The Dutch aren’t prime candidates to win, but at least they have a name and a team.

If anything to point to, they are Overconfidence of the Argentina national team. They were leading the Australians 2-0 and it didn’t look like anything was going to happen, but they eased off the accelerator, scored a goal and ended the game by “calling time”. up to Drawing He must finally show off his skills.

The Australian team lacked punch, perhaps more so Punch They would have sent the match to extend. This could be a sign: Lionel Scaloni’s team is not all-powerful, he suffers even with undemanding teams, how will they perform?

Now in the quarter-finals, they will be looking to correct the mistakes they have made throughout the World Cup. Because yes, they came in as big contenders, but today they are a team in decline and rebuilding.

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