August 29 green light for launch of Artemis I

A recreation of the departure of Artemis I – NASA

Madrid, August. 5 (Europe Press) –

NASA’s Artemis I mission with the Orion capsule and its European Service Module has received launch authorization. Launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on August 29.

Artemis I, atop NASA’s new SLS (Space Launch System) lunar megarocket, will be the first step in a series of missions with the ultimate goal of returning astronauts to the surface of the Moon, even without a crew. Enables long-term human presence for decades.

The primary objectives of Artemis I were to demonstrate the Orion systems in a spaceflight environment and to ensure safe re-entry, descent, splashdown and recovery prior to first crew flight on Artemis II. NASA made the announcement at a briefing on August 5.

The duration of the assignment is fixed Between four and six weeks, with a journey of 2.1 million kilometres, With several orbits to Earth and the Moon on its journey.

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